Monday, March 14, 2011

Texico Senior 2011 - Kolten

A couple weeks ago I was able to do Kolten's senior pictures.  I have to say he was the easiest boy I have ever taken pictures of.  He was willing to go anywhere and do anything without any complaints.  Although I know like most other guys, he did not particularly love taking pictures he was not going to ever say a word about being tired of pictures.  Our session went so quick and smooth.  The wind was actually not hardly blowing, it was almost overcast, and the weather was just perfect.  I was so glad to get to take Kolten's pictures because I have known him forever.  His family is my dad's neighbors and I grew up on the bus with him and his little brother and sisters on there.  It was just cool to be able to take someone like that's pictures although it did make me feel extremely old because I just remember him as the boy on the bus not a SENIOR in high school!  But his pictures turned out extremely great and I hope everyone enjoys!

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